Colostrum Capsules 60

South Gippsland Dairy Colostrum Capsules
Australian Colostrum
60 capsules
Take 2 capsules per day


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Colostrum Capsules 60

Bio Colostrum 60 Capsules

Bio Colostrum Capsules may aid to

Boost Immunity ⋅ Improve digestive problems ⋅ Improve Gut Health ⋅ Improve physical performance and endurance ⋅ Accelerate healing of injuries ⋅ Boost immune deficiency ⋅ Relieve diarrhoea ⋅ Healthy ageing ⋅ Wound healing


  • 100% Australian Whole Bio Colostrum PowderSouth Gippsland Dairy Colostrum Capsules 60
  • 100% Australian Pasture Raised Cows
  • 100% Freeze Dried & Made in Australia

The Facts:

Why our colostrum is premium, world class quality
100% Australian Bio Colostrum Powder & Capsules by South Gippsland Dairy

Below is an overview of important Colostrum information. The positive differences of South Gippsland Dairy’s premium Colostrum


  • SGD does not remove or alter any part of nature’s balance of components within the Colostrum. It is 100% pure and whole, nothing is concentrated, added or extracted

  • SGD protects the Bio-Activity to provide high levels of IgG active antibodies

  • No fat lipids are removed or the associated cell membranes

  • No natural proteins are removed

  • SGD Low Lactose Colostrum Powder: standard Colostrum has approx.13% Lactose. Ours has less than 1% Lactose. A 92% reduction. Quality controlled to avoid any cross contamination

  • SGD take only from the first milking within hours of calving for maximum purity

  • Cruelty free. Newborn calves are not affected

  • Our Farm Services Director personally picks up directly from our farmers to ensure its purity. Quality control starts here.

  • All colostrum collected is track-able back to each farm/cow

  • All the dairy cows are grass fed and graze freely in lush green paddocks

  • Our suppliers (the farms) are certified to be free from TSE, BSE and scrapie disease


  • Freeze dried to maximise the goodness and retain the full health benefits

  • Freeze drying occurs at -30 to -50 degrees Celsius which sublimates/transfers the product straight from liquid to solid. This process takes far longer than the commonly used method of spray drying, using air at extremely high temperatures. N.B High temperatures degrade bio-active protein components

  • Freeze drying is far more expensive to produce one kilogram of pure Colostrum.

  • SGD does not compromise cost with quality


All SGD finished products are independently quality tested by external laboratories.

  • CSIRO: Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation. Validating that our custom made process produces
    a higher grade Colostrum.

  • APVMA: Australian Veterinary Medicines Authority.  SGD is uniquely licensed & certified to collect Colostrum for human consumption.

  • DFSV:  Australian Food Standards. Our farmers are licensed for the collection of Colostrum for human consumption.

  • DFSV:  Australian Food Standards. Certifies our HACCP manufacturing  process.

  • TGA: Australian Therapeutic Goods. Our Tablets and Capsules are Licensed Therapeutic Goods

Colostrum Powder 60G Natural Antibodies

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