Coconut and Lime Natural Soap

Coconut & Lime Natural  Soap Bars – Australian Made
Size: 100g

A true coconut & citrus scented Australian Made Natural Soap, suitable for Normal to Oily Skin

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Coconut and Lime Natural Soap

Coconut and Lime Natural Soap Australian Made


Exotic & Indulgent, A great combination & Tropical Treat. Absolute Bliss!

The ultimate refreshing and tantalising fusion of fresh coconut and invigorating and soothing by luscious lime, an irresistible classic.Coconut and LIme Natural Soap

Natures Gifts Plant Based Soap bars. Two excellent skin nourishers. Lathery moisturizing Coconut & healing Honey

Coconut oil is a fantastic natural beauty and health product. Coconut and Lime has many benefits, and can also help with sensitive skin, dandruff, dry hair and dry skin.
Perfectly scented with delicious rich coconut perfectly partnered with cool lime.





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Coconut oil soap is an excellent moisturizer for both the skin and the hair. The properties of the coconut oil also help remove dead skin cells and dirt away from the body. The oils also help prevent or reduce acne. It also helps firm up your skin helps you look younger as the soap is rich in antioxidants.

Coconut oil soap benefits include; anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and highly cleansing. They also can include moisturising, but only if it’s made in a certain way. We’ll tell you the benefits of coconut oil in soap here; Anti-inflammatory- According to this study, coconut oil provides an anti-inflammatory for skin

Coconut Oil Soap Good For Acne? In theory, yes, lauric acid is effective at reducing the number of acne-causing bacteria on the surface of your skin. Oleic acid might also be beneficial since it can prep your skin for other products that you may use to reduce acne, like salicylic acid.

It is important to understand that the coconut oil in our soaps is “saponified.” Meaning it is no longer an oil—it has been turned into a soap molecule by combining it with potassium hydroxide (potash). Coconut oil is highly comedogenic, which means it can clog pores.

Does coconut oil darken the skin? No scientific evidence is given. … Also tan will be even and your skin will become super soft. Coconut oil for skin will also save you after being under the sun without any protection or in case you already burn (this kind of oil has the ability of soothing the pain

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