Weekly Pill Box

It seem like a simple daily task, but remembering to take your Pills every day can be tricky,
Its important to use a Weekly Pill Box, it will help you to organise your pills.

Weekly pillbox with 14 compartments.


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Weekly Pill Box

Weekly PillBox

Every week, a weekly pillbox is a necessary item in the weekly routine of many people. There are always items to take at specific times with specific dosages, and it is easy for this information to become muddled.

A weekly pillbox can avoid confusion. Housing all medications within one central location. They can be organised so that each day has its pillbox and drugs for that day.

For example, the weekly pillbox can be split into compartments to separate any daily doses of medication that are required.

  • Sunday to Saturday
  • Morning & Night – AM & PM
  • Easy press open
  • Never miss or forget whether you have taken your medication or vitamins


This weekly pillbox holds the daily doses of medication for up to 1 week, twice a day.
The pillbox can be split into 14 separate compartments and has a weekly planner on the lid that is vital in helping to organise weekly doses.

The weekly planner is split into seven days, and each day has its compartment in the weekly pillbox. This weekly pill case allows you to see when medication is due without confusion. The different colours of the chambers reduces the chances of choosing the wrong day.

How did we ever do without them?

Another great thing about weekly pill boxes is easy and extremely cheap to purchase. This is ideal for people who may accidentally misplace their pillbox.

It may seem like a simple daily task, but remembering to take your medications and pillsPill Box. When every day can be tricky and overwhelming. Relying on pill organisers is an effective way to manage your medication intake and make sure you’re right on schedule.

To remember which multivitamins or medicines to take every day, place them in this pillbox labelled with the seven days of the week.

Pill organisers can help avoid medication errors. The pill organiser must be a good fit for the user.
If Not! The benefits of using a pill organiser will be lost and may impair one’s health

Never miss another dose with the Weekly Pill Box  7-Day AM/PM Pill Reminder.

Did You Know?

The popularity of “the Pill” created a new market for pharmaceutical companies.
For the first time, healthy women would be taking medication for an extended period.

Pill manufacturers developed unique packaging to distinguish their products from their competitors and build brand loyalty.
Packaging design often incorporated a “memory aid” to assist women in tracking their daily pill regimen.

Creating a look and feel of pillboxes, was a significantnow read task, as women preferred to carry them in their purses.

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